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Bruce Tanner

Based in London, with a strong editorial background, and more than 20 years experience, my work covers a range of specialisms including documentary, portraits and animals as well as personal projects. I have covered social issues (particularly homelessness), environmental subjects concerned with both rural and urban matters (including many landscapes), animals and education. I am used to working with the voluntary sector and am experienced in dealing with vulnerable groups.

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Contact details:

Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 020 8671 9789
Mobile: 077 1240 3447


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  • Animals
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Children/educational materials
  • Current affairs
  • Education
  • Environment and conservation
  • Local government
  • Music
  • Public relations
  • Arts/entertainment

Major clients:

  • St Mungos Trust
  • Countryside Agency now English Nature
  • Harper Collins
  • Zoom In Photography

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Extra information:

I am used to meeting tight deadlines and am happy to work on individual shoots or major projects such as books.

I originate both on film and digital formats as well as working with panoramic frame styles.

I can post produce and print either using analogue systems (I am an experienced black and white photo printer) or in digital post production (Photoshop and ACR).

I also teach photography which enables me to keep my approach fresh and challenging.


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Suspect Area - Gyaros Greece   © Bruce Tanner © Bruce Tanner Suspect Area - Gyaros Greece © Bruce Tanner
Not very well known outside Greece, Gyaros is a deserted island used as a political prison during the right wing Greek Military junta rule between 1967 and 1974. More images and background on my website.
Fuck the Wall   © Bruce Tanner © Bruce Tanner Fuck the Wall © Bruce Tanner
Berlin Wall 1990, taken soon after the wall was first breached and before the end of the GDR.
Afghan Racing in Sussex   © Bruce Tanner © Bruce Tanner Afghan Racing in Sussex © Bruce Tanner
Flying Carpet image was shot for a book on hounds. I have many hound images as well as those from rare specis of cat, wolf, fox and rodent.