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  1. Arman Alan Ali (Ala'ddin Public Relations): Public Relations, Feature writer, Reporter, Online journalism, Electronic publishing, Trainer; Charity/voluntary sector, Local government, Industrial relations, Trade unions, Environment and conservation, Transport, Law, Ethnic and minority, Social Sciences, Politics; London, UK

  2. Robert White (PR Matters): Public Relations, Columnist, Feature writer, Proofreader, Subeditor or editor, Researcher; Public relations, Business and commerce, Film and theatre, Arts/entertainment, Charity/voluntary sector, Children/educational materials, Humour, Advertising, Women's issues, Finance and economics; London, UK

  3. Fred Finn: Public Relations, Reporter, Feature writer, Broadcaster, Researcher, Subeditor or editor; Travel/tourism, Transport, Aviation, Cricket, Foreign affairs and overseas, Motoring and motor sport, Public relations, Travel/tourism, Foreign affairs and overseas; Claygate, South East, UK

  4. Eugenie Absalom (Beau Monde Media Co): Public Relations, Feature writer, Photographer, Translator, Online journalism, Reporter; Public relations, Advertising, Arts/entertainment, Videographer, Lifestyle, Media, Fashion/beauty; London, UK

  5. Simon Francis: Public Relations, Broadcaster, Columnist, Feature writer, Online journalism; Advertising, Current affairs, Public relations, Travel/tourism, Charity/voluntary sector; London, UK

  6. Jenny Walton (Think...Write...Resolve): Public Relations, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Researcher, Proofreader; Property, Environment and conservation, Business and commerce, Energy/oil, Industry, Charity/voluntary sector, Local government, Religion; Southampton, South East, UK

  7. Peter Brown ( Ltd): Public Relations, Feature writer, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Proofreader; Business and commerce, Finance and economics, Advertising, Public relations, Media, Personal finance, Industry, Lifestyle; Leeds, Yorkshire & Humberside, UK

  8. Maurizio Fantato (Maurice Fantato): Public Relations, Researcher, Translator, Multimedia developer, Web developer, Online journalism; Business and commerce, Charity/voluntary sector, European Community, Foreign affairs and overseas, Public relations, Technology, Building/construction, Environment and conservation, Current affairs, Food and drink; Bampton, South East, UK

  9. Carol Ann Walters (Carol Ann Walters Press & Publicity): Public Relations, Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Researcher, DTP skill; Charity/voluntary sector, Celebrities, Arts/entertainment, Music, Film and theatre, Public relations, Media, Humour, Disability, Leisure and hobbies; Beckenham, South East, UK

  10. Helen Oswald (The Copy Tree): Public Relations, Online journalism, Proofreader, Reporter, Feature writer, Electronic publishing; Trade unions, Charity/voluntary sector, Education, Health and fitness, Arts/entertainment, Children/educational materials, Public relations; Brighton, South East, UK

  11. Alex Louis: Public Relations, Feature writer, Researcher, DTP skill; Local government, Charity/voluntary sector, Ethnic and minority, Health and fitness; London, UK

  12. Phillip Nifield: Public Relations, Reporter, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Researcher, Online journalism; Local government, Politics, Trade unions, Business and commerce, Public relations, Transport, Charity/voluntary sector, Industry, Building/construction, Property; Cardiff, Wales, UK

  13. John V. Simpson: Public Relations, Feature writer, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Book editor, Proofreader; Business and commerce, Public relations, Industry, Technology, Business and commerce, Sport, Golf, Food and drink, Leisure and hobbies, Advertising; Sandbach, North West, UK

  14. Dan Levene: Public Relations, Reporter, Online journalism, Feature writer, Trainer; Public relations, Charity/voluntary sector, Current affairs, Transport, Football; Bedford, London, UK

  15. Caroline Prichard (Wordhouse ): Public Relations, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Feature writer, Trainer; Arts/entertainment, Building/construction, Public relations, Social Sciences, Women's issues, Business and commerce, Education; Coventry, West Midlands, UK

  16. Symon Hill: Public Relations, Columnist, Reporter, Book writer; Current affairs, Religion, Military and defence, Education, Charity/voluntary sector; London, UK

  17. Creators' Rights Alliance: Public Relations; Music, Arts/entertainment; W1T 3LR, London, UK

  18. Adam Christie (Modus Operandi): Public Relations, DTP skill, Subeditor or editor, Online journalism, Researcher, Photographer; Media, Charity/voluntary sector, Business and commerce, Current affairs, Disability, Trade unions, Politics, Local government, Arts/entertainment, Consumer affairs; Leeds, Yorkshire & Humberside, UK

  19. William Paterson: Public Relations, Feature writer, Book writer, Proofreader, Reporter, Researcher; Medicine, Environment and conservation, Building/construction, Charity/voluntary sector, Consumer affairs, Health and fitness, Sciences, Technology, Travel/tourism, Military and defence; Dunlavin, Co Wicklow, Ireland

  20. JOHN LEETE: Public Relations, Book writer, Feature writer, Researcher, Online journalism; Disability, History, Lifestyle, Travel/tourism, Public relations, Current affairs; South East, UK

  21. Stephen Lowe: Public Relations, Feature writer, Multimedia developer, Online journalism, Photographer, Reporter; Business and commerce, Public relations, Marine and maritime, Technology, Food and drink; Vantaa, Finland

  22. Siobhan Crozier (Crozier Communications): Public Relations, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Researcher; Local government, Charity/voluntary sector, Ethnic and minority, Education, Building/construction, Business and commerce, Motoring and motor sport; London, UK

  23. Nigel Duncan (Nigel Duncan Media): Public Relations, Feature writer, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Researcher, Trainer; Sport, Arts/entertainment, Food and drink, Travel/tourism, Leisure and hobbies, Property, Public relations, Building/construction, Aviation, Film and theatre; Balerno Midlothian, Scotland, UK

  24. Lynne Pearce: Public Relations, Feature writer, Trainer, Subeditor or editor, Book writer, Commissioning editor; Education, Health and fitness, Food and drink, Charity/voluntary sector, Children/educational materials, Drugs, European Community, Gardening and horticulture, Medicine, Trade unions; Hoddesdon, South East, UK

  25. Alwyn Gruffydd (UTGORN): Public Relations, Reporter, Feature writer, Researcher, Online journalism, Translator; Current affairs, Environment and conservation, Film and theatre, Consumer affairs, Court reporting, Crime, Building/construction, Business and commerce, Charity/voluntary sector, Education; Porthmadog, Wales, UK

  26. Denise Anne Silvey (Denise Silvey): Public Relations, Reporter, Researcher, Proofreader, Feature writer, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Celebrities, Public relations, Film and theatre, Music, Leisure and hobbies, Media, Women's issues, Humour, Advertising; London, UK

  27. Timothy Kempster Jones (Tim Jones Press & PR.): Public Relations, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Feature writer, Researcher, Trainer; Local government, Public relations, Education, Charity/voluntary sector, Business and commerce, Environment and conservation, Consumer affairs, Arts/entertainment, Food and drink, Health and fitness; High Hauxley, Morpeth, Northumberland., Northern and North-East, UK